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Since 2005 We Tropical SL Holidays has been focused on bringing our customers the best quality service in the travel industry, we are enthusiastic about quality service and are pleased to show Sri Lanka’s hidden pearls to our valued customers. Our desire is to show you the maximum within the time frame provided and make sure it will be the most memorable and everlasting. On every tour we look into detailed customer satisfaction. Our hard-working team is delighted to be at your service and make your dream holiday an unforgettable experience.

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Sri Lanka

You will be amazed at what our little Paradise Island “Sri Lanka” has to offer, bearing in mind how Kings of the past built their empires using primitive methods, and what could be seen now. Beautiful Beaches, Wild Life and as you travel along – a changing Vegetation from Tea, Rubber, Coconut, Cocoa, Vegetables and Fruit Plantations in vast acres, commonly seen Chena Cultivation. Through the ages and being influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch and British, it is notable to see the variance in Culture, Customs and Creed. Temples, Churches and Mosques are a common sight. You get the opportunity to mingle with warm and friendly people who are enthusiastic, and will gladly explain or assist you if the need arises, even share a meal that is prepared off the hearth, (using dry twigs for firewood in earthenware.) It is here that I must mention that being Asian – Rice is the staple food even consumed three times a day, usually spicier than one may think. Transport is varied – buses, Cars of various shapes and models, but the most common is the Three-Wheeler called Tuk Tuk which seems to be the most popular and economical, and one may find they are the busiest as they mingle through overcrowded streets. Of course, years gone by there were the Bull and cart called ‘Bullock Cart’ and ‘Rickshaws’ which are now off roads owing to the snail pace speed, and cumbersome considering the now busy traffic.

Our beautiful Sri Lanka is tiny in size but is an explorer’s delight, still, a laze around holiday as per one’s preference, with climatic changes according to one’s desire is just for the asking. The Dutch introduced Canals, mostly for transporting Spices… The British built the Railway is still in operation. A trip that should never be missed is a Rail Ride through beautifully laid out Tea Plantations, and sometimes mist-filled Mountains, Zig Zagging through Tunnels and beautiful scenic terrain… Tea is Sri Lanka’s economic mainstay, its pride and profitable joy. Even people who have never heard of Sri Lanka are familiar with Ceylon Tea. “I desire to show you the maximum within the time frame provided, but I am sure it will be the most memorable and another visit planned even before you leave this Little Paradise Island

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Sri Lanka belongs to the pre-Cambrian period [over 600 million years old] part of Gondwanaland in the North West and North. Several different indigenous clans lived here before the arrival of Prince Vijaya from North West India who landed on the West Coast near Puttlam in the 5th Century BC. These clans are mentioned in the great epics of Mahavansa and Mahabharata. It is believed that four main clans Yaksha, Naga, Deva and Raksha were the main clans. Prince Vijaya inter-married one of the Clan Leaders. It was here the modern Sinhalese population integrated. The Portuguese arrived here by accident around 1505 and the name Ceilio was given. They took control of the Spice Trade etc., [commerce] rather than territory, and later integrated into internal politics owing to the control of the Spice and Cinnamon Trade, in the latter part of 1597 or so the Portuguese rule began with resistance to the residents. In the 17th Century BC, the Dutch set foot with the arrival of the Dutch East Indian Company [VOC] and made use of the coastal trade for trade purposes. In the 18th Century, the British East India Company moved into the then called Ceylon from India – bringing in the English Language, Coffee, Tea, Modern Transport and much more – until 1948 when Sri Lanka [Ceylon] regained independence. Now Sri Lanka has had many name changes from Tambapanni, Taprobane, Serendib, & Ceylon [all of it has their meanings] and finally SRI LANKA in 1972 meaning “Resplendent Island” when we became a fully-fledged Republic.


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